1. Combine 1 gram Concentrate to 1.5ml  Liquidizer
  2. Heat 10 seconds in Microwave
  3. Mix until concentrate completely dissolved

Heat additional 10 second intervals if needed.



1 gram of concentrate to 1 ml of liquidizer is a great rule of thumb or starting point. You can use more or less liquidizer per gram. We recommend not exceeding 3ml of liquidizer to 1 gram. Different concentrates will have different properties. People also prefer different taste and viscosities. We encourage you to find the blend that suits your taste. You can always add more liquidizer and heat again. With this in mind you may want to start with less liquidizer and add to find your perfect blend.


Warm liquidizer will work better to liquidizer your concentrates. This can be accomplished in many ways. You can heat the liquidizer first to make sure its nice and warm before adding concentrate. You may also warm your mixing container. You can use the microwave, a hot water bath method or even heat the liquidizer in a cartridge with a hair dryer or lighter. If you opt for this method you will need to shake the cartridge rapidly to dissolve and blend your product. We advise to not exceed warming the liquidizer over 160 degrees Fahrenheit.